Hi, I’m Mark, an indie game developer.

GAMEKON is my studio founded in China, 2016.

I’m trying my best to deliver nice games across multiple platforms.


We make use of Unity Engine driven by scripts and a console system with online back-end services.


It’s not just for ease of development, but also provide powerful functionality and extremely flexibility.

For example, we can use the script engine to trigger and handle all kinds of events which happen at runtime and debug with logs which recorded automatically by the game console.

Sponsors can use it to deliver their news or advertisements, record user behavior, cheat the game or report a bug at any time during the testing phase.

  encrypt_string     statistics_demo

Its security methods can protect your benefit with great confident, such as IAP verification, encrypting the publisher’s id / secret key, the administrator’s password and the asset files against hackers and crackers without much performance loss.

Our sponsors and customers will get a unique address used to track and monitor their games with our statistics api in real time. Anything can be added to statistics system if a sponsor asks.


We also make games with Cocos Creator, which is a famous html5 game engine based on Cocos2d-x.


IMG_0996     IMG_0993

Here are my legitimate license and award certificate. We used to be a company, but there was more and more disagreements among the members, so we separated.

Anyway, that’s all history now, so I closed the company and started a new indie game studio, that’s GAMEKON.

Develop with love, I’ll try my best to produce more and more happiness for the world!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.